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Attractive place to swim with your pet

Having a close encounter with wild animals is a common feature on a traveler’s bucket list. And there’s really nothing more extraordinary (or exotic) than swimming with giant green sea turtles, rare marine iguanas, and even sharks.

Swimming with animals doesn’t have to mean entering a tiny tank or man-made enclosure. In Egypt, divers can swim with wild Red Sea dolphins and in the Bahamas, wild pigs come out to splash in the surf. You can ride a horse through the shallow Caribbean waters around Jamaica, or dive with hundreds of thousands of tiny, golden jellyfish in Palau. You don’t have to be a fearless (or reckless) adventurer to get up close and personal. All you really need is an excellent pair of flippers and an underwater camera. Read on for our top 12 ways to swim with animals.

General admission and parking is free, and ride tickets are 25 cents each. Most rides are a couple tickets per rider, but the larger attractions, like the bumper cars and rollercoaster, cost up to four tickets. Ride tickets can be purchased in advance online, but it’s just as easy to buy them at the ticket office at the front gate.

Dessert Goals will feature 20 of the top dessert vendors across each of New York City’s five boroughs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on October 23.

Treats include cakes inspired by Twinkies from Jae NYC Eats, mochi ice cream fromMochidoki, authentic Hong Kong-style egg waffles topped with ice cream fromWowfulls, ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, and jewelry-inspired truffles and cakes from Mini Melanie.