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How to Enjoy For Long Haul Flight

Traveling is exciting, but for many travelers, the flying part of the journey can be brutal. With tiny seats and limited legroom, flying is no longer something I look forward to instead, it’s something I know I have to endure in order to visit my next travel destination.

Audible asked us to share some of our best tips and tricks to make long-haul flights more comfortable, including incorporating the use of audiobooks to help pass the time.


The trick to long-haul flights is finding a balance between packing light and bringing all the essential survival tools. You want to keep your mind occupied to attempt to forget about the fact that your seat barely reclines and you will have zero personal space for the next several hours. You can easily pack a Kindle or paperback book, but if you want to keep things light, I recommend downloading some audiobooks from Audible to your phone before you depart. Most of us always travel with our phones, so it’s a great way to save space and still be able to pass the time with a book.

With my busy schedule, it’s tough to find the time to read books, so flying is a great time to catch up on that ever-growing reading list. I’ve never been a fan of Kindles merely because I already feel like I spend too much time staring at a screen and a paperback book doesn’t always fit in my carry-on bag. Before I was introduced to Audible, I was often forced to choose between watching movies or reading the in-flight magazine.

Audiobooks have a way of drawing me in and it keeps me from constantly looking at the clock. Another benefit I find to audiobooks is that it allows me to drown out the noise of crying babies or chatty neighbors while enjoying my book — something I find tough to do with a paperback or Kindle. I suggest investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, which you can also use for movies and music.

For a limited time, you can receive a 30-day free trial of Audible. The best part is that once you download your books, there’s no internet required. You can choose from over 250,000 audiobooks including the best-selling novel, Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre is an autobiography by Charlotte Brontë that was originally published in 1847 and tells the story of a nineteenth-century penniless orphan who is trying to find her way in the world. It’s an incredibly inspiring story and one that you can easily get lost in and forget about the long flight ahead of you. Thandie Newton’s audio interpretation of this novel is engrossing. The story will leave you wanting more.


Hydration is your friend on a long flight. With the exception of the occasional alcoholic beverage to help put you to sleep, it’s best to stick with water while you’re in the air. Plane air is dry like the desert and it’s extremely easy to get dehydrated. I always bring acollapsible water bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it up. Keeping your nostrils hydrated with saline nasal spray is another trick I’ve learned after catching a few too many colds after long flights.

I always bring a vitamin pack with (Vitamin C, Zinc, and a daily vitamin) and take it before and after my flight to keep my immune system boosted. Don’t forget to pack plenty of moisturizer for the flight (I love Aquaphor’s travel size tubes and this all-natural lotion/lip balm travel pack) and try to moisturize your entire body before you get dressed so you’re not dealing with dry, itchy skin during your long flight.


Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but boarding the plane relatively rested is key. Don’t plan on using the flight as a way to catch up on your sleep unless you are one of the lucky few who has no problem sleeping in an upright position.

For red-eye flights, consider a sleep aid like Melatonin. It’s one of the few sleep aids that won’t make you groggy if you don’t catch a full 8-hours of sleep on the plane and let’s face it, sleeping that much on a flight is rare. Eye masks and neck pillows are a must on overnight flights as well. If a neck pillow feels like too much to carry, you can blow up an inflatable beach ball and place it on top of your tray table.


How to Prepare on a Road Trip


Use duffle bags for most of your luggage it’s easier to stack and squeeze soft bags into any car arrangement that you need. If you’re stopping overnight, pack one bag with sleep essentials and next day clothes so it’s compact and ready to go. You can use a soft, wheeled suitcase for this if you have a lot of people. Finally, each person can keep a small bag like a tote or backpack next to their own seats for easily-accessible snacks and activities.

  • We use this duffle bag on our road trips it’s compact, has several pockets for easy organization, and it’s even slash-proof. This slightly larger duffle bag is great for longer trips or two people who like to keep it simple and share one bag.
  • This insulated tote bag doubles as an ice chest and it folds up nicely when not in use.



Wear clothes that are loose and breathable, and that you’re comfortable being seen in at stops. Dark colors hide dirt, stains, and wrinkles better. Even for long trips, you only need two bottoms and a few tops, especially if you can do laundry at hotels or your destination.

  • A drawstring laundry bag works if you do need to store dirty garments.
  • This portable laundry system wash bag is perfect for doing laundry on the road!
  • Make sure to take weather into account if it’s often rainy, keep some waterproof items like travel umbrellas and backpack rain covers  in easy reach, and light layers if it might get cold.



It’s cheaper to bring snacks from home than buying them at a gas station, and you have healthier options. Freeze-dried fruit and veggies are nicely crunchy and lightweight, while nuts and seeds can satisfy you with salts and protein.

Mix your items together in ziplock bags to create your own trail mix if you want add a handful of chocolate chips for something sweet , and keep personal portions on-hand with bulk bags in the trunk so you can refill at stops. Less individually-wrapped items cut down on trash, but if you have favorite snack bars, bring a few anyway.

  • Stock up on nature bars for a quick snack on the road or throw in your daypack for hiking.
  • These stainless steel tupperware containers are awesome for road trips because they are completely leak proof plus they are non toxic and eco friendly
  • Bulk bags of trail mix will save time with less trash to pick up, plus it’s better for the environment.
  • Wet wipes make for convenient cleanup. These wipes are even biodegradable!

European Cities That Cheap Price To Visit

Airfare prediction service Hopper has highlighted a major sale on Icelandair.

Seats on hundreds of flights to four popular European destinations are selling for as little as $343 round-trip, including taxes.

Fly from Boston to Copenhagen this February for as little as $343, or from Chicago to Stockholm in March for as little as $369. Flights departing from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport go to Helsinki between January and March, with seats available for $383 round-trip.

And Icelandair is offering flights in December and January to Reykjavik, in Iceland, for just below $400, departing from Newark Liberty International Airport.

The latter is part of the airline’s dedicated flash sale to Iceland, which ends September 25 at midnight. Flights from Washington D.C. are $399 round-trip, and $419 from both Minneapolis as well as Chicago.

Icelandair also has cheap flights to Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. All are available from various U.S. cities for less than $450. Additional flights can be found departing from Minneapolis, Orlando, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Portland.

How to Find the Best Flight Deals

In the last couple of years we’ve been enjoying some fairly low priced airfare, but taking a few minutes and putting in a little extra effort could potentially save you even more onyour next flight. With these few hacks, you can look forward to savings of up to hundreds of dollars!


Using Hopper, the popular fare predictor app, should be your first step before searching for flights. Hopper’s prices are MUCH higher than almost every other app or website so I would never recommend actually buying your tickets here, but their calendar showing which days are the cheapest (and most expensive) to fly can be very helpful in planning your trip.


The Flight Deal does not have an app, but if you’re willing to navigate their website you’ll find it’s definitely worth it. Flight Deal finds amazing ‘mistake’ airfare deals that often slip by unnoticed by airlines for a day or two, so you can find some great steals if you’re willing to pull the trigger on buying tickets immediately.

This is a great option if you don’t have a particular place you’re looking to go, given most of the departing airports and destinations – domestic and international – are pretty random. There are a few cons: there are almost always blackout dates, you generally have to buy more than two weeks in advance, and these deals only last 1-3 days; however, roundtrip flights for as low as $70 (taxes and fees included!) are hard to pass up!


Although you should aim to book tickets 54 days before a flight when prices are at their lowest, listen to KAYAK’s ‘farecasting’ advice if it tells you to wait. Frequent flyers have experimented in the past and found that they were more likely to save money using the ‘wait’ or ‘buy’ feature, so double check the fare predictor before booking.

KAYAK also has an Explore feature that lets you limit your airfare budget and gives you destination options that are within your price range. It’s a fun visual tool that makes planning budget travel easy!


Another great option for those spontaneous travelers, Skiplagged only requires a departing airport and travel dates to give you an inexpensive getaway. This is the only travel app/website I’ve found that lets you choose “Anywhere” as your destination, so take advantage of three-day weekend and jet off somewhere unexpected!

The catch? Skiplagged uses “throwaway” tickets, where your destination is a layover en route to a cheaper airport, and you get off on this layover rather than continuing your flight. Because the final destination on your plane ticket is NOT where you will be staying, you cannot check bags.

The practice of using throwaway tickets is frowned upon by airlines, so only bring carry-on luggage and don’t let on that you ultimately will not be continuing the flight. If saving money is your ultimate goal, then take advantage of this loophole and bend the rules!

Know more before visit in Venice Italy

With its historic buildings and gorgeous canals, Venice is one of Italy’s most famous attractions. This floating city consists of a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Planning a trip here can be overwhelming, but keeping these tips in mind before you depart will make your trip much easier!



A one-way ferry ticket costs 6.50 Euros and it is good for 60 minutes — including switches. If you can’t find a ticket machine, you can purchase a ticket onboard for 1 Euro more, but you must tell the staff immediately upon boarding. Failing to mention it upon boarding will result in a hefty fine of 60+ Euros. If you do purchase your ticket at a machine, you MUST validate it by running it through a machine at the water taxi stop.

If you plan to use the ferries often, look into purchasing Venice’s all-inclusive transport pass before your trip.


I highly recommend staying at least two nights in Venice Proper and booking a hotel near a water taxi stop. Trust me, you do not want to drag your luggage very far in Venice.

I stayed at Hotel Palazzo Vitturi, which is within a 5-minute walk from both the Rialto and San Marco water taxi stops. This hotel is in the perfect location for exploring the top spots in Venice — including the Piazza San Marco, Riva Degli Schiavoni, and Bridge of Sighs.

The rooms are HUGE, the WiFi worked great, the staff was extremely helpful, and I was amazed with the spread they served for breakfast which is included in your room price. I stayed in March and it was just over 100 USD per night. Keep in mind, prices everywhere in Venice increase during the summer season.


Some of the most photogenic places in Venice are on the outer islands. The small islands of Burano and Murano are not to be missed. I recommend spending the day island hopping and plan on having lunch on one of these islands. Fish lovers must try Gatto Nero on Burano. For those searching for more of a sandy beach experience, head to Lido!


Do your research beforehand on the best restaurants frequented by locals in Venice. If the locals eat there, that usually means it’s authentic. Yelp is a great app and usually the first thing I check when I arrive in a new city. For a few specific restaurant recommendations, here are four local eateries near the Rialto Bridge.


Even the most directionally gifted travelers get lost in Venice. Google maps will even lead you astray, giving directions to a dead end down a small alley. If you just plan on getting lost, you’ll be much less frustrated. You never know what you might accidentally find.

Visit in Britain Tips

As the whole world is now well aware, Britain has voted to secede from the European Union and Europe has gone into a frenzy.

Great Britain’s economy is tanking by the second, Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, and the value of the British pound has dropped $0.12 USD in value overnight that’s lower than it’s been in over three decades.

This, of course, is terrible news for the Brits but wonderful news for tourists. Here’s how to take full advantage of Brexit and finally plan your dream vacay to the UK.



Contrary to popular belief, Great Britain consists not only of England, but Scotland and Wales as well. Between these destinations there’s a wide variety of places to go and things to see, so choose your country based on the type of trip you want to have. Are you craving the hustle and bustle of London, or a quieter stay along the picturesquePembrokeshire Coast in Wales? Does island hopping in the Scottish islands sound like a fun getaway? Do a little research, and go from there.


We’ve been enjoying low-cost airfare for a while now, but that may change just like the UK’s economy has. It seems the British are putting a halt to traveling to the U.S, so airlines (particularly British Airways) are scrambling to fill seats; by booking now, you may avoid steep price increases later on.


The value of the British pound sterling has plummeted, and it’s currently the lowest it’s been since 1985. Once you’ve planned your vacation, trade in those dollars for pounds before terms are settled between Britain and the EU and the Pound’s value stabilizes.


It’s said that it could take several months for Britain to officially secede the EU, but when it does, traveling between countries may become more difficult. The “Open Skies” policy between the EU and United States has allowed airlines to fly and land anywhere with American and European Union territorie Brexit has caused no immediate change in this arrangement, but could possibly do so in the near future.


Roaming charges for tourists in the EU have been on the decline and are even predicted to be abolished next year, but with its newly struggling economy Britain is unlikely to implement such a luxury. By traveling now, you’ll be dodging these fees.


Just a few weeks ago, the State Department issued a warning to U.S. citizens traveling to Europe due to the recent increase in international terrorism, and unfortunately Brexit will likely only add to the chaos. Thankfully, the Tour de France is the main reason of concern so travel destinations within Britain (with the exception of London) are not predicted to be particular targets. Be safe and have fun!

If you can’t plan a trip now, don’t worry! Britain may be the first to exit the EU, but there’s talk that other countries – including Sweden, Denmark, and even possibly the Netherlands may move to make their exit in the next few months as well.

Attractive place to swim with your pet

Having a close encounter with wild animals is a common feature on a traveler’s bucket list. And there’s really nothing more extraordinary (or exotic) than swimming with giant green sea turtles, rare marine iguanas, and even sharks.

Swimming with animals doesn’t have to mean entering a tiny tank or man-made enclosure. In Egypt, divers can swim with wild Red Sea dolphins and in the Bahamas, wild pigs come out to splash in the surf. You can ride a horse through the shallow Caribbean waters around Jamaica, or dive with hundreds of thousands of tiny, golden jellyfish in Palau. You don’t have to be a fearless (or reckless) adventurer to get up close and personal. All you really need is an excellent pair of flippers and an underwater camera. Read on for our top 12 ways to swim with animals.

General admission and parking is free, and ride tickets are 25 cents each. Most rides are a couple tickets per rider, but the larger attractions, like the bumper cars and rollercoaster, cost up to four tickets. Ride tickets can be purchased in advance online, but it’s just as easy to buy them at the ticket office at the front gate.

Dessert Goals will feature 20 of the top dessert vendors across each of New York City’s five boroughs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on October 23.

Treats include cakes inspired by Twinkies from Jae NYC Eats, mochi ice cream fromMochidoki, authentic Hong Kong-style egg waffles topped with ice cream fromWowfulls, ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, and jewelry-inspired truffles and cakes from Mini Melanie.

Know the wonderful place like Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag can be a real downer, especially when you find yourself groggy and out-of-sync with the local culture. With a little preparation and self-discipline, you can ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your new adventure.

This post is written in partnership with REBBL, a company with variety of creamy and indulgent super herb elixirs, that are plant-powered, satiating and replenishing. We’ve shared our suggestions below on how REBBL drinks may help fight jet lag during your travels.


Lack of sleep in addition to time zone changes will almost always result in a lethargic first couple of days in your new travel destination. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will sleep on the plane — it rarely ever happens! Skip any departure parties the night before so you can put your best foot forward right off the plane.



Rule #1: Refrain from in-flight drinks. These may be tempting – especially if you’re trying to wind down and rest – but high altitudes can increase the effects of alcohol by 2-3 times. There’s no need to throw your body more off-balance than it already will be after you land.

Rule #2: Only drink caffeine on or before a flight if you are traveling west. Scientists have found that espresso before a flight traveling westward may actually combat jet lag, but will have the opposite effect when traveling east.

Maca Mocha is a great alternative to coffee during the days leading up to your trip as you run around picking up last minute items and prepare for your trip. It contains Maca root, which may help support healthy energy levels, stamina and endurance.

REBBL’s Reishi Chocolate might be a good option during your drive to the airport. Reishi is known to support and promote healthy immune function, liver detoxification and cardiovascular health. Knowing that the recirculated air in planes may facilitate the spread of viruses in an enclosed space, give your immune system a boost before your flight. Also, with longer flights resulting in more sedentary time in your seat, it may help support your body’s detoxification and circulation processes prior to take-off.

Rule #3: Do your best to eat healthy before and during your flight. You may not be offered the best selection of food on the plane, so pack a large meal to bring with you (just forgo any liquids or sauces!). Keep some homemade or healthy snacks on your carry-on as well – you don’t want to be tempted by airport fast food during layovers.

Rule #4: Make a small grocery store run once you arrive at your new destination to stock up on water and healthy snacks. Keeping healthy snacks and water on hand limits unhealthy food choices that inevitably occur when you’re body is starving.

Intersting to in Wisconsin’s Bay Beach

Wisconsin families know there’s a well kept secret just two hours north of Milwaukee, a place that’s kid-friendly and relatively low-cost. Welcome to Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, a small park on the water packed with nostalgic carnival rides.

Let the kids loose on any of the park’s 21 rides, while the adults relax and grill out at the Bay Beach Pavilion or any of the seven large shelter and picnic areas. If you didn’t bring your picnic basket, there are plenty of concession stands with classic fair food, like burgers and cotton candy.

But while the little ones are hopping onto gentler rides, like the popular Bay Beach Train and Merry-Go-Round, thrill-seekers and history buffs can climb aboard the Zippin Pippin, an old-school wooden rollercoaster with a rock ‘n’ roll past. The coaster was designed and built in the early 1900s, and stood in Libertyland in Memphis. Elvis Presley himself was a huge fan, and would rent the park out just to ride the Zippin Pippin over and over again. The original ride was eventually dismantled, but its replica lives on at Bay Beach, where visitors can honor The King with a spin on his favorite coaster.

During its summer season (June through mid August), Bay Beach Amusement Park is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The park remains open through September on the weekends with shortened hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

General admission and parking is free, and ride tickets are 25 cents each. Most rides are a couple tickets per rider, but the larger attractions, like the bumper cars and rollercoaster, cost up to four tickets. Ride tickets can be purchased in advance online, but it’s just as easy to buy them at the ticket office at the front gate.

The Secret of Oregon’s Mt. Hood

Everyone knows about Portland and Bend, but have you ever checked out Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory? This is definitely one place that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s what you didn’t know about Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory — and why you need to plan a visit!


Portland Rose Hot Air Balloons offers the best sunrise views of Oregon – from 2,000 feet above the ground. We can confidently say this may be the coolest way to take in all of Mt. Hood Territory’s gorgeous scenery and countryside.

Be warned – hot air balloon flights are dependent on the weather, so opportunities to ride may be limited during windy or rainy seasons. And, if you plan your visit for March or April, you may even take off from a field of tulips!


Oregon’s reputation of being beer ‘nirvana’ is not exaggerated, so it should come as no surprise that Mt. Hood Territory offers up some of the best craft beer on the west coast. Tour the Tap Trail – one of Oregon’s many beer trails – that includes eight microbreweries and one cidery located throughout Clackamas County. Make sure to buy the Tap Trail Craft Pass (a mere $20), as it provides discounts at several breweries in the area.

Drinking Horse and Oregon City Brewing are favorites within the Tap Trail, but make sure you don’t miss Breakside Brewery – one of the most awarded and recognized breweries in Oregon. Can’t make it to all of them? BigFoot Growlers is a one-stop shop for all local craft brews, and you can even enjoy some live music and Frisbee golf while you sample!


Although northern Oregon’s Columbia River is scattered with numerous dazzling waterfalls, you don’t need to trek all the way up to the state border to go waterfall-chasing. Willamette Falls, which sits just 30 minutes south of Portland, is the largest waterfall (by volume) in the Northwest and the second most powerful in North America.

This beauty may not be as well-known as Multnomah Falls, but Willamette’s natural horseshoe-shape cascade is not something to be missed. You can take in the sights from viewpoints around the falls, or experience the rapids on a kayak or paddleboard tour.


That’s right, Mt. Hood has the longest ski season in North America! Timberline Lodge’s Palmer Snowfield remains up and running all summer long, providing refuge for those of you looking to escape the heat and hit the slopes during warmer months.

Ski and snowboard camps are available for novice’s, but intermediate and advanced skiers have their fun here year round as well. Oh, and did we mention that professionals and Olympic ski teams come here to train in summer?! Time to pack your snow gear.


There are so many activities to partake in you almost need to plan a second trip. During winter, you have to opportunity to snowmobile and snowshoe, explore the Sandy Glacier ice caves — all in addition to skiing and snowboarding, of course.

In summer you can rock climb, hike the Salmon River Trails, try horseback riding, and dive into ENDLESS water play; kayaking, whitewater rafting, and paddle boarding the lakes and rivers are just the beginning. The limitless amounts of awesome outdoor activities will keep you up from dawn till dusk. Needless to say, when it comes to adventure, Mt. Hood Territory is incomparable.